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            We all know the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer and most of us-survivors have gone through the motions:  The lump, then an appointment with the family doctor, then mammogram, then biopsy and then all hell breaks loose, the nightmare is on. Through all this, having to wait to get test results “only from the ordering physician” adds to the ordeal, and the delay can be dangerous.

            Luckily, since a couple of years now you can get diagnostic test results (eg x-rays, lab reports) directly from the Hospital, as soon as they are complete and the results have been verified by the radiologist or pathologist, depending on the type of report:

The patient fills out a form requesting the results of their test. This can be done the day of the test, or at a later time. Forms are available at the Health Information Services (HIS) office at Kidd 1 of KGH, or on Jeanne Mance 00 of Hotel Dieu. The forms can also be found at the registration desk of the Diagnostic Imaging Services Department at KGH, and at reception, Brock 1 of HDH.

“Once the report is complete, we will then mail it directly to the patient or notify the patient by phone that the report is available for pick up,” says Deb Sapp, Director of Registration and Health Information Services at KHSC.

There is no charge for this service, however if you require additional information from your health record other than the single diagnostic report, then some fees may apply depending on amount of information you have requested.

Many thanks to supervisors of records, Mary-Jo Sharboneau and Deb Sapp. And especially to Dr. Eric Sauerbrei of HDH-radiology who informed me right away that my tumor was nasty, even before the regulation was on!

Doctors want Canadians’ medical records to be more accessible, via so-called patient portals. The online portal allows patients and authorized users to access their medical history — including blood tests, X-rays, scans and medications.

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