Metastatic drugs, CBCN


The basic research from labs around the world over the last 30-odd years has now resulted in many new drugs, diagnostics  and treatments that are now coming up in clinical trials.  In Canada, the approval process may take years but it is done by Health Canada.  This means that the new drug can be used in Canada.  The second big step is, who will pay for it. This decision is up to the Provincial governments or sometimes private insurance companies and the landscape is not entirely clear.

The link below to MEDSEARCH, a new tool from CBCN (Canadian breast cancer network) makes it easier for patients and caregivers to see what metastatic breast drugs are publicly funded in each province and territory across Canada, including their status within the drug approval process. This tool also provides general information about the various treatments and directs patients to information about additional funding sources for drugs that aren’t currently listed on the public formularies.

The CBCN stated it is looking forward to maintaining this tool and ensuring that it is up to date with the most current information

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