Once my chemo was over, I asked how shall I know if the devil is back, but I was just told “oh, you’ll know it”.  “How?”  No answer. This is why I was happy to get the Breast Cancer Survivorship Tool from my friend Jennie at Dense Breasts Canada. This tool was developed as a national, evidence-based care guide for family doctors and patients to ensure women get the right care after treatment for breast cancer.

(With permission of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Mississauga, ON: College of Family Physicians of Canada; 2019)

I especially like the advice on what to watch for regarding the dreaded relapse.  At least I could tell myself that “I don’t have any of these symptoms, so I should be OK for now”. 

In this section you will find recent news on the carcinogenicity of pesticides to avoid in foods, the importance of exercise in suppressing breast cancer (really!), chemo-brain and dangers of breast implants.

All that would affect us – breast cancer patients and survivors.

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